Facial Anatomy Dissection Course - New Course Dates


Our next facial anatomy cadaver training courses will be held on :

Thursday September 5th, in Glasgow
Saturday October 26th, in Edinburgh
Sunday October 27th, in Edinburgh
This is a course for doctors, dentists and nurses who are skilled at performing cosmetic injectable treatments such as botulinum toxins and dermal fillers. The course is run by Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Taimur Shoaib. We are delighted to have Lee Walker, international KOL and trainer for Teoxane, who will be joining Taimur Shoaib to teach on the courses in October. Sue Thomson is the event manager and should be your point of contact for the course. Booking spaces are very limited and for more information on how to book, we now ask you to go to our Facebook page and send a message to us from there: See us on Facebook.

About Us

La Belle Forme Training offers our course participants a unique blend of exciting teaching, a small group focus and high quality of training with a team of multi award winning clinicians working in a multi award winning clinic.

Our courses are designed for health care professionals who have already attended foundation level courses on botulinum toxins, fillers or skin care and who want more information from experienced and qualified health care professionals in the areas they want to develop. We can provide refresher courses, shadowing courses, and advanced level injectables courses up to the highest injectable levels, only performed by experts. We also offer courses on the management of complications, how to avoid them, how to recognise them, and how to treat them.

Our lead trainer, Mr Taimur Shoaib, is a consultant plastic surgeon and is considered an expert injector and trainer by his colleagues. The feedback Mr Shoaib receives from training courses he conducts is exemplary and he has personally trained all the course trainers who conduct the training sessions for you. Taimur is also part of the Allergan Medical Institute where he trains doctors, dentists and nurses on behalf of Allergan, the manufacturers of Juvederm and Botox. He trains internationally and nationally, to surgeons, doctors, dentists and nurses.

All our training courses have been designed by Mr Taimur Shoaib. The course tutors at each course have all undergone training courses themselves to ensure they are delivering high quality of training.

Our courses focus on your needs: 


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Refresher Courses

During the refresher course, you will bring along your patient. Together, we will take a history, examine the patient, advise options, come up with a treatment plan and deliver that treatment plan. In the past, we have conducted refresher courses on: treatment of nasolabial lines, treatment of marionette lines, refreshers of lip fillers, and Botox to the upper third of the face.


Shadowing opportunities can be given to health care professionals who are interested in developing their already existing practise, or for health care professionals who are thinking of starting a practise in aesthetic medicine and who want to find out more about what this involves.

Advanced Techniques

These courses are usually tailored to the individual and are usually held on a 1-2-1 basis for the health care professional.

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Physical Address

We are based at the La Belle Forme HQ in the heart of the Merchant City  - Wilson Street Glasgow,


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