Taimur Shoaib Consultant plastic Surgeon and Trainer at La Belle FormeLa Belle Forme Training offers our course participants a unique blend of exciting teaching, a small group focus and high quality of training.

Our lead trainer, Mr Taimur Shoaib, is a consultant plastic surgeon and is considered an expert injector and trainer by his colleagues.

The feedback Mr Shoaib receives from training courses he conducts is exemplary and he has personally trained all the course trainers who conduct the training sessions for you.

Taimur is also part of the Allergan Medical Institute where he trains doctors, dentists and nurses on behalf of Allergan, the manufacturers of Juvederm and Botox. He trains internationally and nationally, to surgeons, doctors, dentists and nurses.

All our training courses have been designed by Mr Taimur Shoaib. The course tutors at each course have all undergone training courses themselves to ensure they are delivering high quality of training.


At our foundation courses, the courses are delivered by a team and include the following tutors who have a track record in training to high standards at cosmetic injectables courses: Taimur Shoaib, Laura Miller and Norma Anis. The exact number of tutors per course depends on the number of people attending the course.


Our refresher courses are usually run by our nurse tutors, Laura Miller and Norma Anis.


Our intermediate courses are delivered by either Mr Taimur Shoaib, Laura Miller or Norma Anis, depending on which course is being delivered.


Our advanced courses are usually delivered by Mr Taimur Shoaib.