All Training Providers are not the same, and you should never make a decision to undertake medical training based on cost or price. As a medical practitioner you need to consider many elements of the training package you wish to undertake, foremost amongst these is patient safety.

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When selecting a taking provider consider the following

Ensure that the training provider offers their services from a recognised and regulated medical facility. You should never undertake any form of practical medical training in an office setting. This type of training should only ever be done in a medical facility with the appropriate infection control processes in place and with onsite medical backup.

LTI offers services from a state-of-the-art facility at The Glasgow Day Surgery Centre in the centre of the city. Cadaver courses are offered from Glasgow and Edinburgh University Labs

Ensure that your trainers are suitably medically qualified and are either RGN qualified nursing staff, doctors or appropriately qualified consultants. You should also ask about the level of training activity those individuals have carried out.

LTI trainers have trained several hundred candidates over a period of 10 years and is longest established provider of cosmetic and aesthetic training in Scotland. All of our nurse trainers are RGN (medical) nurses and our Medical Director has an international reputation in aesthetics training and is a Key Opinion Leader for Allergan.

Ask the provider which products will be used and ask to see them in their original packaging so you can be sure. There are many types of Botulinum Toxin but there is only one Botulinum Toxin made by Allergan which has become the de facto synonym for these type of injections , so you need to be sure you are getting the best products and also check which products will be used for various treatments as the manufacturer has developed specific products to treat specific areas and conditions.

LTI only uses Allergan Products including Juvéderm , Vycross and Allegan’s branded Botulinum Toxin products for our training activity.

When you undertake training establish what course materials you will be given and if any theoretical or video training will be available to you after the course. Also how do you access support from the training provider once the course is finished.

As an LTI candidate you will be provided with written course material developed by our Medical Director and our product suppliers. You will also receive one month’s free access to our training videos and tutorials. Thereafter you can subscribe to our support programme which provides you with ongoing access to our team and regular training updates.

With every medical treatment there are risks albeit these are few and far between however when they happen, they can be significant and may require immediate action. Check what provision your training provider has to support you and your models (if appropriate) after treatment

LTI has an emergency on call telephone support service for training candidates that can be called 24/7 in the event of a complication post treatment for any of the models used in the training programme. We also have an out of hours service that would allow us to treat anyone with an immediate issue.

Check to see who the owners of the business are and establish if that are recognised medics who are well known and established within the industry with a proven track record in the delivery of training services.

We feel it is important that the people running a medical service understand the business and have some medical insight to allow them to better manage the business. Our owner is a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and our services are reviewed internally by our Medical, Advisory Committee, to make sure they are to the highest standards.

Are you trainers based locally or do they leave town straight after training and are they part of an established local clinic.

All LTI trainers are based in Glasgow and live within a 20 minute travel distance of our training facility. We do not employ “out of town trainers”.

There are specific requirements for insurance policies that cover training activity, which includes what services individual staff members are insured to provide so you should also check that your training provider is adequately covered.

LTI and our trainers are covered by an extensive insurance policy issued by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance.

Companies providing medical services such as training in the UK are required to be registered with their national healthcare regulator. Check that your provider is.

LTI is part of La Belle Forme limited which is registered with and regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland for the provision of all its services in Scotland.

Always exercise your judgement and ask for evidence of the above as there are many in this market place who promise much and deliver little and who enter the training arena without adequate structure in place to deliver a safe and effective service.

"I would thoroughly recommend Mr Shoaib’s training courses for this reason. His training methods are world class and I feel honoured to have trained with him."

Dr Rita Poddar — BDS MJDF FDS RCS(Eng)Clinical Director of The Peppermint Group

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